Asana 27 – Sukhasana
Posted in Uncategorized April 18th, 2009 by vera

This basic sitting pose is good for focusing before practice, for meditating, and for pranayama (breathing practice). Sit on a couple of folded blankets to lift your spine.  It is also a gentle hip opener.

This pose is also called Swastikasana.


Cross-Legged Pose

Asana 26 – Dandasana
Posted in Uncategorized April 10th, 2009 by vera

Dandasana is harder than it looks. And here’s what’s wrong with the way I am doing it. My back should be straighter. My shoulders should be open and back. My sternum should be up.  And if I had been sitting on a
couple of folded blankets, all these problems would have been completely eliminated.


Sitting Staff Pose