Asana 23 – Virasana I
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Thank goodness, you get to sit down now. Gravity helps you along with these cross-legged hip openers and forward bends. I do each seated pose for at least a minute and try to do some upwards of five minutes. Except for Navasana (Boat Pose), where twenty seconds are the longest my poor muscles can manage.

In the first seated pose, Virasana, gravity works wonders on the knees and hips, but don’t force it.  I sat on a block for years, then turned it on its short side to get lower. Now, after five minutes in the pose on the block, I can sometimes drop to the floor for a few seconds.


Hero(ine) Pose

Asana 22 – Chaturanga Dandasana
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This pose can be approached from above (from either a simple plank pose or from urdhva mukha svanasana or from flat on the floor (much harder). While Chaturanga is known for building overall strength, I admit it, sometimes I can’t get off the floor more than a millimeter.

chat-ooh-rang-ah don-dah-sah-nah

Four-Limbed Stick Pose